Berkley - Havoc - The Jerk - Avocado Orange

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Havoc baits combine professional bass angler experience with Berkley's legendary innovation. The result is the best shapes, actions and colors ever created. Make Havoc your go-to bait when bragging rights are on the line.

Jerk it, twitch it, burn it, shake it - the Berkley Havoc The Jerk is a soft plastic jerkbait like no other. Designed with the help of Elite Series pro, Michael Iaconelli, the Jerk features a unique, computer-designed, scooped out, hydro-foil, diamond-shaped tail. This advanced tail design allows water to flow in and out as you twitch and jerk the bait, producing a unique water flow that causes the tail to pulse up and down just like a real baitfish. Its thicker body design also allows it to accommodate bigger 4/0 or 5/0 hooks, and provides more bulk to facilitate longer distance casts.

Very versatile, you can Texas-rig it weightless and twitch it around the surface, or Texas-rig it with a weight and on the pause the Jerk will gently shimmy on the fall. Also a great choice on a jig head, the Jerk can be fished deeper or vertically with the same amazing action, or even as an essential component of an umbrella rig. Pro designed and tested to help you catch more fish, unleash the action with the Berkley Havoc The Jerk.

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