Megabass - Vision 110 Magnum SP- Megabass Sexy Shad

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The Megabass Vision 110 Magnum SP (Suspend) builds upon the overwhelming success of the Vision 110 in major tournaments around the world, featuring Carrozzeria tuning, a redesigned fixed-balancer system, and a larger profile.


A steady retrieve will get the Magnum down to 4ft. on 10lb test, which is perfect for working submerged grass beds and flats. With light twitches of the rod tip, you can get the Magnum to move subtly like a weakened baitfish in the water. With strong pulls or rips of your rod, you can get the Magnum to snap back and forth with the large darting action you've come to expect from the original Vision 110 SF. The beauty of this setup lies in the fact that once you reach your target depth, you can work the lure any way you want--fast or slow--and it will stay at the target depth.


Tuned to suspend out of the package, the 110 Magnum is an especially deadly jerkbait perfect for pre-spawn situations. With a larger profile and Carrozzerria tuning, the Oneten Magnum offers up a larger meal that will be sure to trigger bites from even the most cautious monsters. The legend just got bigger.


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