Water Bugz - Planer Boards

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Unlimited possibilities is the only way to describe what Water Bugz Side Planers can do for inshore fishermen. Whether you use rocket launchers, rod holders or just pvc pipe you can stand rods up or out in any fashion and still cover up to 100 foot of water in any boat.

Anchor near a grass bed or oyster bed and let out a mullet, sand flea or strip bait with a Water Bug and the current will plane the board over to that area and hold in place when you stop the reel.

Methods for Inshore Use:
1. You can anchor 50 feet beside a grass bed, place your bait against the bed and hold it in as little as one foot of water but the boat is anchored in 10 foot of water.
2. You can drift in the inlets or sounds in shallow water away from your boat and the fish are not disturbed by your boat since the Water Bug keeps it planed out.

From Red Drum, Trout, Flounder, Blues, Sheaps Head or any game fish you target, Water Bugz Planer Boards expand your coverage and holds bait in the strike zone. There is no limit to the different game fish you will catch!

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